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Reading: Cost modelling for roofing material selection


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Cost modelling for roofing material selection


R. S. Perera ,

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U. L. A. S. B. Fernando

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During recent decades new building techniques have been developed and many new materials have been introduced to the construction market. The material market has become more profitable for contractors and construction material producers than for the client.

Not having being a functional and performance oriented roofing material selection system, domestic clients are in a very tight situation when selecting a suitable roofing material according to their requirement, without they being misled from sales exaggerations.

This paper elaborates preparation of a cost model which can be used for selection of roofing materials for domestic purposes, giving adequate consideration on cost and some other performance factors. Cost comparison of roof covering, ceiling and insulation materials those are available in the Sri Lankan market are investigated along with the other performance factors of materials. Further, the current status of the roof construction and design in the Sri Lankan context is also explained
How to Cite: Perera, R.S. and Fernando, U.L.A.S.B., 2006. Cost modelling for roofing material selection. Built-Environment Sri Lanka, 3(1), pp.11–24. DOI:
Published on 01 Feb 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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